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Eddy Binford-Ross

2021 National Journalist of the Year Portfolio

I’m Eddy.

As a freshman, I joined South Salem High School’s student newspaper, the Clypian. I had no idea the profound impact it would have on my life. A class I originally took out of curiosity, sparked a passion in me.

I have broken stories picked up by professional outlets, been assaulted by armed federal agents, given testimony in a federal lawsuit documenting the violations of my constitutional rights as a reporter, and spoken on national tv as a student journalist. ABC’s Good Morning America, PBS, NBC, Reuters, Yahoo!News, FOX, World News Tonight, BBC, and The Independent have all used my reporting.

Since the racial justice movement was re-energized last May, I have covered almost 40 protests across Oregon, becoming Salem’s only protest reporter and Portland’s youngest one. I was named one of the state’s five most impactful people of 2020, along with Oregon’s Governor and Portland’s Mayor.

“Like many journalists covering the tense demonstrations, Eddy has faced serious threats… But Eddy may be the only front-line reporter regularly risking her safety to write for a high school newspaper,” wrote the Washington Post.

All of these extraordinary experiences trace back to that curiosity that led me to enroll in one life-changing elective the first semester of my freshman year of high school.

Here is my work as a student journalist.